About Us


Who We Are

We are one of the developing fixings and sauce organization in India. Our vision is to furnish our clients with most extreme fulfilment by guaranteeing on Quality, advancement and ‘delightful taste’. Our items have the abilities to hang out in an extremely jumbled retail showcase. We offer our shoppers the freshest, most beneficial and the most bona fide flavours in the solace of their homes. Extraordinary spotlight is put on getting the best and most real fixings from over the globe and after that made in a world class ISO 22000 affirmed fabricating office. We are an exceptionally pleased Indian organization, fabricating world class sustenance items in India.


We takes a broad view of the term food control, which includes a large number of factors such as:

• Safety

setting standards for toxicological and microbiological hazards, and instituting procedures and practices to ensure that the standards are achieved;

• Quality

Providing sensory characteristics such as taste, aroma, palatability and appearance;


• Nutrition

Maintaining nutrient levels in food ingredients and formulating foods with nutritional profiles that contribute to consumer interest in healthful diets;

• Value

Providing characteristics of consumer utility and economic advantage, involving attributes such as convenience, packaging and shelf-life. Some of these factors, such as value, are exclusively in the domain of industry and consumers; while others, such as safety, are shared interests of government, industry and consumers.

Quality Approach!

Quality is the establishment of our sustenance and nourishment organization

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We will guarantee consistence with all pertinent sanitation programs and enactments.

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We are committed to creating the most secure, most elevated quality and most delicious nourishment items.

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We will insert HACCP standards at all phases of assembling and development.



Item Improvements: Sometimes every one of the extraordinary Pizza, Burger or a Sub needs is a predictable, top quality sauce. We will tailor make the sauces for your item.

We provide BEST PRODUCT AT THE BEST PRICE: Years of R and D initiative, joined with mechanical authority and Ingredient Innovation, empowers us to offer top tier in industry value focuses without a trade off on item quality.  Our strong point lies in efficiently and adequately deciphering our comprehension of your necessities and the requirements of your intended interest group into prominent items.  We have our heartbeat on changing buyer drifts, and can ideate with your group to bring items from a brand’s worldwide portfolio. They can be reproduced while adjusting them to the Indian sense of taste, laws, and customer inclinations.

Our Philosophy

Security first including legitimate nourishment dealing with, HACCP, and sanitation. Sustenance next, including freshness, advance, and assortment. Administration and energy with speed, invitingness, and consistency. Freedom is focused on reacting to recommendations, concerns, and protests quickly and with every single due thought. Our prosperity is characterized by serving individuals:


  • More assortments to give individuals more decisions.
  • More noteworthy speed so we can serve more visitors.
  • Worth evaluating so more individuals can stand to eat in cafeteria.

Statement of purpose

We accept that our calling is to improve the lives of your workers and in that upgrade your business and profitability. We ascend to the benefit of giving your representatives a period and condition for some unwinding in their workday. Toward that end, our responsibility is:

  • To serve great, safe nourishment rapidly.
  • To keep up a protected and clean condition.
  • To give happy, attesting administration.
  • To give great worth.
  • To give charming air — progressively like a shopping centre bistro court.