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Spread Goodness this Season!

We are all about taste!

Expect nothing short of awesomeness from each one of our products.

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Using the finest ingredients

Everything that goes into tastemechanic is carefully selected and matches the highest safety standards.

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Our Philosophy

Security first including legitimate nourishment dealing with, HACCP, and sanitation. Sustenance next, including freshness, advance, and assortment. Administration and energy with speed, invitingness, and consistency. Freedom is focused on reacting to recommendations, concerns, and protests quickly and with every single due thought. Our prosperity is characterized by serving individuals:

  • More assortments to give individuals more decisions.
  • More noteworthy speed so we can serve more visitors.
  • Worth evaluating so more individuals can stand to eat in cafeteria.
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The healthier choice

Lowering calories or keeping in shape– to us health comes first!

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Innovative and creative

We are always thinking of new ways to make everything and everyday taste better.

Our Product Range

Made using the finest ingredients, our spreads, sauces and dressings are filled with goodness. So spread them on sandwiches, use them as dips or dress up your salads and celebrate!

Yummy Recipes!

For the outlandish and the bold, Tastemechanic guarantees to loan a strange bend to all that you make and eat.
Peppered with thoughts and tips for the indian and worldwide sense of taste, each page will move you – to make more, share more, enjoy more.